Cannabis Law

The Complex Nature Of Cannabis Laws

The cannabis laws in Montana that make medical marijuana legal are relatively new. Although Montana voters passed a bill making this form of cannabis legal, possession of any type of marijuana is still a crime at the federal level.

One of the results of these conflicting laws is that the state has imposed a complex set of regulations and licensing laws surrounding the cannabis industry in Montana. It is difficult to launch or run a cannabis business without the guidance and advice of an experienced cannabis industry lawyer. Understanding the regulatory structure of the cannabis industry and how state and federal laws work together is critical to the success of any cannabis business venture.

Benefits Of Having A Cannabis Business Attorney

The true benefit of having an experienced attorney is reducing your risk. From seed to sale, cannabis production is one of our country’s most regulated industries. From licensing employees to installing proper security to making sure your packaging meets guidelines, compliance is critical to the success of any venture.

Carl Jensen has over two decades of experience helping businesses in the cannabis industry. He advises businesses on a broad range of issues, including:

  • Business plan reviews for startups
  • Financing
  • Licensing employees
  • Cultivation and distribution compliance
  • Security compliance
  • Packaging compliance

Cannabis laws are constantly changing. There are several bills moving through Congress that would legalize marijuana. Each of these bills legalizes cannabis to a different extent and will have different impacts on the current market if passed.

Although none of these bills are likely to pass in the near future, Mr. Jensen can keep you updated on their status and advise you on how to prepare should they become law.

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