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In a sense, facing a drunk or drugged driving charge in Montana involves two different cases. The first case is the potential criminal case against you. The second is the administrative (civil) consequences for your driver’s license.

I am Carl Jensen Jr., an experienced defense lawyer with a proven record of helping clients respond effectively to both civil and criminal aspects of DUI.

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What Consequences Are You Facing?

For a first-offense DUI in Montana, the possible criminal consequences of a conviction can include up to six months of jail time. With a second offense, the time behind bars can be up to a year.

But of course, jail time and fines aren’t the only consequences of DUI. You could also have your driver’s license revoked or suspended by the Motor Vehicle Division.

As an experienced defense attorney, I can help you take action to assert your rights, both against the criminal charges and to protect or regain your driving privileges. Every case is different, but I know how to challenge the prosecution’s evidence and seek to get the criminal charges dismissed or reduced.

To be sure, sometimes a conviction can’t be avoided. But I am also very familiar with strategies for trying to catch a break at sentencing such as through participation in treatment programs. And I will be similarly strategic in helping you hold onto your driver’s license or get it back after it is suspended.

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